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Praying… Entering the Holy Of Holies

Many people have problems with praying. Though they might not want to admit it, their prayer life is not that they would expect it to be. I also faced the same problem and as wondering why my prayer life did not reflect my mind dedication to God. 
Now when I am talking about prayer life, I’m not talking about our Sunday Church time, I am not talking about our bible reading, or about our group prayer. Surely not about the every-minute talk to God, during the traffic, when lights are red, in our bath etc. I am talking about taking genuine time off to be with God and talk to him and listen to him. 
This week I am fasting and have taken a week off from any work duties. I do not want to have anything to do with work. Why? Because I think that my prayer life is not as it should, and that there is something missing. I am also fasting, so it’s a fast and prayer week for me. This time though, I am taking time, the whole time to really seek God and listen to him. I am taking time to check upon things I have been doing and things that I might be doing wrong, but also at things I am not doing. I am convinced that God has asked me to do this. I need to step out of life for some time and check with the Giver of Life how he wants me to live that life he gave me. One of the things I did was to read my Bible (which I do every day) but this time, Reading with another mind-set. Then I am also willing to read some good books on prayer life and listening to God. I had to admit that I do not know these things. I never had a prayer life as such, nor took time off for that.
Today I read one book that really touched me. The Title of the book is “Come away with Me” but also nicknamed “Wasting Time with God”
I want to share something from the book with you, It just some sort of plan that someone (Richard LaFountain) tried while he was in a prayer retreat. I am willing to try it. Why not? It’s not a principle, and surely not a rule or doctrine of prayer, but it’s just a way that God has helped someone get closer to him. It is about 6 things that I also think is very real. I want to try that.
  1. Be still: – Letting everything go and really be ready to listen to God. 
  2. Be Worshipful: – Take time to meditate on Who God is in all his Glory until the truth of His greatness fills us with awe, adoration and love.
  3. Be thankful: – Recognize the hand of God and thank Him for it. Give God credit for everything he has done, for his creation including our own body, for his provision, for people in our lives, for big and small things in our lives.
  4. Confess Sin: – Spiritual inventory, asking God to show us where we have sinned in our words, attitudes, thoughts and actions. When He brings everything to mind, Lay all these on Jesus and appropriate His forgiveness.
  5. Clothe yourself: – Once washed and clean by confession, it’s time to get dressed as per Romans 13:14. We need to ask God to help us see ourselves the way He sees us. Time to get dressed spiritually and to get strong.
  6. Cast your burdens: – This part is spending time with Jesus clearing any baggage we might be carrying, personal needs, concerns, frustrations, fears, faults etc.

I recently understood that Satan has his part in that mess. He seldom lures us away from genuine prayer times because he knows that this is where we get our strength and renewal from. He knows this is where and when we meet God and have a real relationship with Him. Let’s not let him lures us away any more.

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