What is Biblical Counselling?

A focus of biblical counselling is to help others develop a biblical worldview of their life and recognize the core truth that guides right thinking and actions.

Biblical counselling is an approach to counselling that uses the Bible to address the issues in the lives of individuals, couples, and families. The Bible teaches that our thoughts, motives, attitudes, words, and actions flow from the sinful selfishness of our hearts. Biblical counselling addresses the heart as the source of these human actions and reactions using the wisdom and approaches revealed in the Bible.

Biblical counselling is practical and effective. It does not view people as simply spiritual beings with spiritual problems; instead the biblical counsellor sees the individual as a physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational being. One focus of biblical counselling is to help others develop a biblical worldview of their life and recognize the core truth that guides right thinking and actions. The goal of biblical counselling is spiritual maturity.

Biblical counseling also values the rule of the local church in the process of ones change of heart or sanctification. Heart change brings about life change, but this is accomplished most effectively in an authentic Christian community, the local church.

True change is the result of the Holy Spirit working in ones heart; this work often includes intervention by other people such as a pastor, a mentor, or a counsellor. The biblical counsellor helps people identify their problems in biblical terms that may involve a renaming of the problem, such as, alcoholism versus drunkenness. As this is done, the individual’s view of his or her problem is changed and becomes biblical. This process is filled with grace and is ultimately redemptive. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation for the work of biblical counselling.

Here is a summary of what guides our counselling:

 The Bible is true.

We believe the Bible is more than a book of facts; its truths are meant to make a difference in our lives. God intends biblical truth to touch and transform every area of our lives. But everyone faces moments when the truths of the Bible don’t seem to make a difference. “Can the hope that the Bible offers really speak to my depression?” “Can the peace that the Bible leads us to really help my anxiety?” “Can the love that is revealed in the Bible change even my marriage?” At the Biblical Counseling Ministry we believe that the Bible speaks into all of life’s problems, and in certain seasons of life each of us may need the careful thought and prayerful wisdom of another to help us make the connections that make a difference.


It’s about a relationship.

The Bible speaks to every area of our lives, but the Bible isn’t simply a recipe book for happiness. Ultimately, the Bible points us to a relationship with a person – Jesus Christ. The Bible was given to reveal Christ as the one who is able to make all things new. We believe real and lasting change occurs when people know themselves and their problems within a living and vital relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our counselors are ready to help.

The most important qualification of our counsellors is that they have come to know Christ out of their own experiences of need. They bring the understanding and compassion experienced in their own relationship with Christ into their care for those who come to them for help. Furthermore, our counsellors have formal education and training in counselling and in the Bible.