We’re glad you’ve found our community! We hope you’ll find us to be an encouraging, friendly group of people. While we don’t make any claims to be perfect, we are regularly discovering truths that are changing us individually and enriching our lives as a church community.

This Season, we invite your family and friends to experience the life-changing Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus ! During this season , the four weeks leading up to what we now call “Easter”, dive with us into the meaning of the trial, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We invite your family & members to journey with us together to discover the gift the Saviour gave us on that very special day ! He still surprises us today as He shows up when we most need Him. Join us Every Sundays at 09:00.

The close followers of Jesus walked with him, and witnessed his death and ressurection, and Jesus death was not what his followers were expecting. The people were weary of waiting for their Savior. Sometimes we also give up too soon on what we’re believing for, we think that there is no more life. Often, God shows up in surprising ways. But just as the tomb was found to be empty, and Jesus alive , your life too can come out of death to Live Eternally !

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